A Divided America

It has nearly been a month since Donald J. Trump won the Presidential election, and in the span of that time, we have seen protests rise over the country. Members of the left wing are voicing their disapproval of Donald Trump, and the right wing are gloating over the defeat of Hillary Clinton, a woman who was perceived by the right wing to be the worst pick for a presidential candidate. It can be argued that if Clinton won the election, the roles of the right and the left wing would be reversed, with the right protesting over the election of Hillary Clinton, and Donald J. Trump refusing to accept the outcome of the election; a narrative that the liberal media had pushed throughout the course of the election. That may be true and it may not but, notwithstanding it is painfully clear that America is a divided  country, both sides holding uncompromising views of the other. This state of division however did not begin with the 2016 presidential election.

America has always been a divided nation. We have the conservative media, pushing their own narrative to further their own ends, and we have the liberal media doing the same as their counterpart, but in a different direction. There are also small media factions to take an ‘alternate’ route in their views, and then there is the Mainstream media.

Most people, especially conservatives believe the Mainstream media is more liberal than conservative and often label them as ‘fake news’ but, the Mainstream is actually a fusion of both the left, and right wing media. Some networks, are very moderate, and have a wide audience of conservatives and liberals but still get labels slapped on them by both sides, if they say something one side doesn’t agree with. We have reached a point in this country, where people disagree more than they agree, and it seems to be getting worse, with the left, going farther to the left, and the right going father to the right: like a game of tug-of-war, which neither side budging, or getting pulled over. While diversity is important, and it is good for people to have different opinions of thought, this dangerous game, will eventually wear out the rope, and it will snap, leaving the two sides with one half and a broken country. There needs to be a reconciliation. Someone had to stand at the middle to pull this sides together. However, if you picture that scenario using tug-of war as an example, you will know that it is not an easy feat.

On January 20th 2017, Trump will begin his tenure as the 45th president of the United States. There have been many concerns about what his administration will look like. We are already beginning to get a taste of that now, with his recent cabinet picks, and the steps he has already begun to take (or not take) to fulfill the promises he made during his campaign Even though his campaign may have been steeped deep in controversies, and many questions have been asked about his motives as president, Americans need to find a way to come to terms with this outcome, and begin to heal the rift that has engulfed this nation. Otherwise we are looking at years of pulling, and tugging until the rope eventually gives way, and snap under the strain of this conflict.


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