Is the World Heading Towards another Global Conflict?

Tensions are rising all over the world as we reach the end of 2016. From Donald Trump’s controversial election into the white house, to the fight for Aleppo, to the conflict between Russia and the United states, it can be said that the world is at a very precarious stage. Seemingly, any tiny push, or poke, or tweet can send the world into another global conflict worse that World War 2. It can be arguably said that the candidacy and election of Donald Trump was the cause of these arising conflicts. Nevertheless, while most conflicts are in one way or another tied to Trump, it goes much deeper than that.

First and foremost we have the Russian conflict with pretty much everybody. First was the invasion of Crimea, then came their interference in the Syrian war. Russia has proven more assertive in inserting themselves in foreign wars, even more then the United States. Recently, in a bold move, the White House has begun taken actions against Russia for their interference in the US elections. First was imposing even more sanctions on Russia, and then ejecting Russian diplomats from the country a move that was applauded by Paul Ryan who is a regular critic of the Obama administration, calling it long over due. While it is true that Obama has been soft on Russian policy, and had been criticized by Republicans and the current President-Elect time and time again, these recent string of actions can be seen as a President who is about to leave, doing everything he can to make things difficult for the incoming president. Or rather, making decisions he would not normally make if he still had a bit more time in the oval office, because he would have to deal with the fallout. And there would most likely be fallout. Russian has already indicated that they would retaliate to any action made by the White house against them, and it is in their power to also eject US diplomats, which Vladimir Putin the president of Russia has already threatened to do. Also The white house also announced it’s intent to shut down several Russian intelligence offices in the US, and Putin can also do the same in Russia, although his approach might be more forceful, leading to an out-front conflict between Russia and The United states, which can spark a third global war. And the absence of any diplomats to negotiate peace will play a part in it.

There is also the assassination of Russian ambassador to Turkey Andrei Karlov in Turkey to add fuel to the fire. Although Russia has said they do not plan to attack NATO alliance, one might wonder if these recent string of actions might prompt them to do so. After all, Russia is not above fabricating a lie that the assassination was the United States doing, since it came right after Obama’s speech of “doing stuff to Russia”. All of these come at a time when the United States is beginning to lose one of their major allies; Israel, over the UN council vote. This also comes at a time when Russia and Turkey have signed a ceasefire deal in Syria. Russia was the main backer for Assad. Turkey threw their weight behind the opposition. Throw in the mix of the assassination of the ambassador, The United States brash actions against Russia, and Israel looking to pick a bone with the United states, and you have the ingredients for a global conflict that can quickly escalate into a war.

The irony is, the person who might put a stop to all these is President-Elect Donald Trump. He want’s a friendlier relationship with Russia, he plans on vetoing the UN council vote against Israel. If he does all these, it could cool down the conflict against Russia, but leaving Turkey in the cold. President Obama’s actions against Russia are justified to the very least, but come at a very bad time. He is doing too much in too little time, because he knows Trump will not take any action against Russia, leaving Putin to continue to Rape America. His feud with China has already sizzled down, and is not a threat to the near future. The Russian threat is immediate and now. Which would it be? Stand up to a bully who is used to getting what he wants, and in the process spark a deadly fight. Or just sit back and let it happen and continue to be pushed around. The decision lies in the hand of the incoming President.





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