Why 2016 Was Actually a Good Year For Female Pop Stars

If you ask most people about how 2016 was, the most responses you’d get would be ‘Horrible’, ‘Sad’, ‘Disappointing’, etc. A recent post by the inquisitr decided to highlight why 2016 was a bad year for female pop superstars, citing examples like Taylor Swift’s fallout with Kanye, Katy Perry’s ‘Rise’ falling down quickly down the charts, Britney’s Spears album ‘Glory’ not performing quite well, and Mariah Carey’s disastrous New Year Eve’s performance. While the article focused on the negative aspects, let’s review how these artists really did in 2016.

Taylor Swift

While the pop sensation might have suffered from a few setbacks and scandals (Although what’s a year without at least one Taylor Swift Scandal) last year, 2016 was a pretty good year for the 1989 singer. For starters, she was named the Not just the Highest Paid Musician, but also The Highest Paid Celebrity on the planet by Forbes magazine, pulling in about $170 million from her tour, album sales, and endorsements with several billion dollar companies like Apple Music and Diet Coke. She also won the BMI Taylor Swift award, an award named after her; an honor that has only been given once in BMI’s 76 year history to the greatest pop artist of all time, the late Michael Jackson. Speaking of awards, she also picked up three Grammy wins, including the highly coveted Album of the year, making her the first female recording artist to win album of the year twice. She also picked up a major deal with DirecTV to stream never seen before videos on a special channel this year. She also co-wrote one of the best songs of the year ‘This is what you came for’ with Calvin Harris albeit it caused a major controversy but we are focusing on the positives. The song charted all over the world peaking at two and three on the UK singles Chart and Billboard top 100 respectively.  It also sold over a  million copies. She also got the Music world excited about a potential album release in October, although she ended up releasing no album this showed Ms. Swift is still a relevant figure in Music. I don’t know, sounds like a pretty good year to me.

Katy Perry


After mentioning Taylor Swift, it would be remiss not to mention her rival Katy Perry. The pop singer did pretty good for herself in 2016. She recorded an anthem for NBC Olympics Coverage which charted at number 11 on the billboard 100, and making it to the top of the iTunes sales chart. She was ranked number eleven on Forbes list on Highest Paid Women in Music earning $41 million. She also has the most twitter followers of 2016, acting as a major voice for a large political following, making appearances at the Democratic National convention, and Clinton’s rally in Iowa (Although Clinton lost but positives, remember!). The celebrity might have had an ordinary year, it was in my opinion ‘not too shabby’

Britney Spears


Britney Spears made a huge comeback in 2016 with a hit single ‘Make me’ featuring G-Eazy. The song reached number one on  iTunes sales within its first week, and debuting at number 17 on the billboard charts. Her Album ‘Glory’ debuted at number 3 on the billboard top 200, and received positive reviews from critics. The album also reached number one on ITunes album sales charts, and was named in Rolling Stones top 20 albums of 2016. Not too bad for a comeback

Mariah Carey


Granted Mariah Carey’s new years eve’s performance was one of the biggest flops in 2016, the singer had quite a relatively good year.

That was a joke guys, I really don’t have anything on Mariah Carey. The inquisitir may have been right about this one.

The Real Winners of 2016 in Music 

Taylor Swift is not the only female artist who ruled 2016. below are other female artist who had an extra ordinary year

Ariana Grande


Ariana Grande had a pretty good 2016. She released a single in March 2016 ‘Dangerous Woman’ which peaked at number 8 on billboard 100. She also released another single in May 2016; ‘Side to Side’ featuring Nicki Minaj, which peaked at number 4 on billboard top 100, and was . Her Album Dangerous Woman reached number two on billboard top 200 and number one on the UK album charts, selling 129,00 units in the first week. She starred in Hairspray live!, a highly successful musical productions. She also won best female Artists at the American music Awards, and was nominated for two Grammy awards for 2017. Pretty amazing year in my opinion.



Rihanna is one the biggest winners in 2016. She kicked off the year by releasing ‘Anti’ in January 2016, which went on to peak at number one on the billboard top 200, and the UK Albums OCC and UK digital albums. It went double platinum in the united states, gold in the UK, and several other countries. Her singles Work peaked number one on the billboard top 100, Needed me, at number seven, and Love on The Brain is at Number twenty and still climbing. In February, Rihanna beat Michael Jackson for the Most Number One Singles, placing her third on the chart below Mariah Carey and  the Beatles. She was featured on several singles from top artists such as Calvin Harris Drake and Meek Mill. She was named Forbes fourth Highest paid woman in music, and fifth highest pain celebrity, earning $75 million. She also received the MTV video vanguard Award for 2016, won a Billboard Achievement Award, and is nominated for eight Grammies, including the highly coveted Album of the year award. Not a bad year for the Barbadian Singer. Not bad at all.



Honestly, what list is complete without Beyoncé? She is also a big winner of 2016. Her single ‘Formation’, released in February peaked at Number 10 on billboard top 100. Her She shook up the entertainment world with the release of her sixth studio album Lemonade, after airing a teaser clip on HBO, in the format of a one hour movie. It peaked at Number one on the Billboard top 200, UK Albums OCC, US top R&B albums , and UK, top R&B albums. All twelve songs charted on the billboard top 100, making her the first to chart twelve or more songs at the same time. The album is one of the most critically acclaimed albums of 2016, with Rolling Stones listing the album as number one. Her formation world tour earned $5 million, and won an AMA award for best tour. She was named Forbes Fifth highest paid woman in music and Seventeenth highest paid celebrity with a whopping $54 Million. She won two ASCAP Awards,  eight MTV Video Music awards, and is nominated for Nine Grammy Awards including coveted Album of the year (Let’s hope she wins, or fear the wrath of Kanye!). Her VMA wins made her the most awarded artist in the history of VMA’s and she raked in the most Grammy nominations. She occupied six place for Time magazine’s person of the year. Pretty solid year for the pop diva.

Honorable Mentions

Lady Gaga, Madonna, Adele.

Here’s to these talented people making it even more in 2017. Leave your comments below



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